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    Default Pretty Dissapointed.

    It may be for "The Better" As you call It.
    But Its..

    1. Confusing.
    2. Boring.. White? black? Blech.
    3. Whats the big deal ?? It still only has kookeys, Why Isn't It the same?
    4. Not as colorfull as the rest of the site.. It's a big turn off. I almost want to quit VPI, I did, but was Relived the forum Is the same.
    5. Thats four good reasons, why the main page Isn't that good.
    Guys, What happened!?

    I was Paniced when I saw the new home page !

    Why Did you change It? It was fine the way It was before!
    It only holds kookeys still.

    This Isn't ment to be snobby, but I personally want to know WHY YOU CHANGED THE HOME PAGE. >___>"

    It Isn't all that great.. :stoopid2:

    The other one was much easy to navigate.

    _Please don't start fights about this. I posted this, I was quite ... cranky In the post:embarassed:, But I want to know why Justin changed the front page. or why the staff changed It._

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Pretty Dissapointed.

    I don't like the Fron Page either, and it even has Youtube videos on one side! And my mom doesn't like me to see Youtube videos.

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    cherry101461 Guest

    Default Re: Pretty Dissapointed.

    Personally, I don't care what happens to the front page.

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    Default Re: Pretty Dissapointed.

    I'm not sure whats going on. We need to be patient till Justin gets this the way he wants it. Maybe they changed servers on him. I know he'll take the youtube thing off, because we don't allow it on WI either.

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