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    Default Playstation Network

    Does anyone in Freerealms Insider have a Playstation Network account because i want to know if its good or not because I am thinking about buying a PS3 and and make an account for the Playstation Network.

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    Default Re: Playstation Network

    yes.. well no but my boyfriend does and i use it so lol i like it alot i would definately recommend making an account

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    Default Re: Playstation Network

    I do! lol, but i forgot my password... And apparently when i enter my age it is wrong XD

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    Default Re: Playstation Network

    i got a ps3 i enjoy playing socom with some buddies... not to fond of being only white guy in a clan though, it gets kinda weird at times... but im apparently black at heart so they all like me. The simplest thing is Playstation network is better then Xbox live on account of its free... mostly... and the playstation has less issues then xbox... 3 red rings on elites ftw
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    Default Re: Playstation Network

    I have one under my same name (Mat6393) i really enjoy my ps3 i watch BD disc's on it and love how the PSN is free. I have a few friends on PS3 i have at school but that doesnt matter i enjoy the Ps3 because of God of War and Uncharted and iNFAMOUS it depends from person to person i've been a Sony lover from day one on the PS1 with my copy of a random demo disc. If more friends are on the Xbox for you then consider this.

    Halo vs Killzone 2
    Gears vs Uncharted
    Crackdown vs iNFAMOUS

    depending on what you want you can choose

    also XBOX may not be reliable a friend of mine got a worse xbox when he shipped his due to Red rings but my dad owns one and it works fine

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