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    Default Phishing Scam thingy

    ok, its to late to get a screen shot, cuz i deleted the emails, but i got a different kind of phishing email that the staff says is circulating. mine was along these lines:

    Hello [my username], you have been randomly selected to recieve a FREE lifetime membership, click the link and log on to your Free Realms (TM) account. Hurry, this will not last long!
    fortunatley for me, the email under it said:

    Since you have previously purchased a 12 month subscription to the game, you have been automaticaly upgraded to a lifetime membership. blah blah blah, have fun

    *Note: this is not exatcly what the emails said, but pretty close
    I quit...

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    Default Re: Phishing Scam thingy

    Heh, lucky you o_o;; ...

    I didn't really expect any phishing to get into the game, thanks for letting people know.

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    Default Re: Phishing Scam thingy

    Uhg, I knew it. But whats the point of getting into another account? You will get in big trouble for just something VIRTUAL.

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    Default Re: Phishing Scam thingy

    Now I'm even more scared. O_O
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    Default Re: Phishing Scam thingy

    :O >.< -hides-

    My Friend is GETTING HACKED D:
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    Default Re: Phishing Scam thingy

    There's an incredibly similar thing happening on WoW, where a seemingly automated and cleverly disguised individual whispers fake info, claiming either you have "won a free mount" or "been chosen for Cataclysm beta" or have "violated the rules and may be banned". Luckily most members of WoW are more mature and not as gullible. FR may cause more problems as kids are younger.

    tl;dr- If their name doesn't have "referee" or "ambassador" as their first name, DON'T TRUST THEM!

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