Dumb title is dumb. ANYWAYS! I now have come back here yet again, because my leave last time was very unexpected... And long. Either way, I left last time because I had some very important matters to do, and I had also forgotten to come here. (Also because of Skylighterz.) Either way, I hadn't been able to come back here and communicate through any way at all, and also because of the fact that I had spent a ton of my days in school... I hadn't remembered until JUST NOW to come back here and spread this to the community here as well.

A few things you may have remembered that I was actually rather quirky and somewhat funny... This all has now changed. I may be posting things that MAY SEEM to be offensive, but this is because I have become cynical, and as a result, I do not take many things lightly anymore. Also, another sidenote to add is that I also post things that will be rather blunt to the subject(s) at hand when I add to them, and I also, futhermore, to add, DO NOT care about FR much as I used to. The reason why is because of how I, I shall say bluntly, HATE how SOE turned the game around. I know I missed a ton of updates, but really, I have much better things to spend my time on. (AKA Dungeon Defenders.)

Another thing you may remember is that I also used to write a mashup story. That has been completely scrapped.

And the third thing, a select few of you remember me from Skylighterz. To those who *may* see this, do NOT speak to me about Skylighterz. Ever. Ye have been warned!

ALSO! Sidenote: I'm also a member of another forum I go to as well. I will be there quite often, and if you want to know this forum, ask me... If you ever feel bothered about it, and I will send the link your way. I do not like posting inter-thread links in any forum, so I will not post it here, nor in my signature either.

So that's it. That's all there is to know.