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Title: nov 3rd chat

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    Default nov 3rd chat

    everyone have a great weekend and don't forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight

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    Default Re: nov 3rd chat

    Hi! I hope I'm first?
    Welcome to the Wonderful land of Narnia! Only a wardrobe away! Please visit my blog! It needs cool peeps like you! LOL Here is a link:

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    Default Re: nov 3rd chat

    YEAH! more time to play webbies. I cn't wait until we get to play with the koos too. I wish we could find out some more about them. I wrote them a letter asking about 6 or 8 questions. I hope i hear a reply from them. It's good to see so many familar names here.

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    ♫Jemz ♫ Micah Guest

    Default Re: nov 3rd chat

    Hola! I am starting over on webkinz. I don't know where my codes are, and some one changed my password. On my other account on WW, almost everything is stolen.

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    Flash flood Guest

    Default Re: nov 3rd chat

    i haven't been on this site in a while, lol

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    Hunter Guest

    Default Re: nov 3rd chat

    hola, im sick

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