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    Default Nobody to Talk to...

    Yeah... With the shortage of members in the Forum at this point of time, I feel literally lonely... Seriously. So... I kinda started this thread as a talk/chat (But not Guild Chat with the Forum, it's just general... (Oh, also if this needs to be moved, feel free to PM me, thanks.)) to at least get SOME activity here.

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    Default Re: Nobody to Talk to...

    It does seem very inactive lately, probably because of end of school year projects and trips. All you can wish is that people will come back. I haven't seen many people on lately. Such a shame really....

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    Default Re: Nobody to Talk to...

    Hello you must be pretty Bord if you have nothing to do or no one to talk to. why don't you lvl up your character? or party at seaside i do that with my time i lvl up or chill out with my friends at seaside . and i would like to talk to you .

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