If anyone has been keeping up with the NICKTOONS channel,recently there has been a new Invader Zim,
it takes place after the time battle, turns out the piggys that filled up Zim's mind were juiced out by Gir.
Dib now has a claw for a hand.(( Obviously )) I believe for Dib's sister, (( I can't remember her name :p Troll me! )) they now have a new voice actor luckily though, they kept the same voice actors for Zim and Gir, I am not sure about Dib it is kinda hard to tell now-a-days. I am not sure what the seasons's theme is gonna be, all I know is: New Invader Zim episodes,more Gir, more insanity to make me puke in my mouth a little and finally, more of Dib's failures in exposing Zim. Is anyone else exited for that purpose?