My experience with free realms was a kooky and peculiar one. Below you can read my experience

I discovered the beauty of the grove , from the memorial caverns to the pixiewood sign. I also particapated in the holiday events, I also love the saga of Valerian and lavander. I had a theme song that fit real good with it ( Monster by meg and dia (remix) lyrics - YouTube) . I love Lakeside and Shroued Glade.


Theres a a lot of snobby,fake and shady people. You really gotta be careful , Before i left i was dissapointed how they charged 250sc for the name token( that was a sellout).

What would be nice

- Adding new lands
- Brining vault back , so i dont have to buy vaultberries with my sc

- Let the name change be free!
- Plz bring pet trainer back!