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Title: My day

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    Icon6 My day

    BEST DAY EVER!!! First, at school my cousin got me "The Hunger Games". Neeeext, a boy said I throw good!!! ^_^ Third!!! A bunch of cop cars and helicopters start going around where I live and I have to go into my friends apartment and them my mom was at the supermarket then I freaked out cause I had no idea whats going on!!. Wanna know why that was happening? Some guy didn't have his seat belt on!!! Then he ran off in his car and almost hit my other friend's cousins and went into out garage. So now he is arrested and we are safe. (Btw, my aunt lives with us and she was freaking out) And they don't even bother to tell us what was going on!!!! I mean my friend's mom started locking the windows!!! So then we were dying of heat for 2 hours. Last... Me and my friends were just hanging out. The end!!!
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