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Title: MY DAD!

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    Icon8 MY DAD!

    The disapointment of the whole world, my dad! i don't care what you say my dad is dummier then a box of rocks flouting down the mississippi river! He's never been there for me my whole life then all of a sudden he's there and he's been here for 2 years! He has stupid habits and i tell him to leave and he just stares blankly at me, laughs an anoying laugh and then he says he can't because my mom said he can't ( i know he's lieing because she says all the time that she dosen't want him here and me,my mom and my brother all yell at him to leave and im seriously about to make him sleep forever plz help!!!!!!!!!!!! don't say that we need to get along and stuff like that because i come from a family that hasn't not argued one day of my whole life!

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    Default Re: MY DAD!

    You should probably discuss your feelings with your family. That always helps me.
    Keeping it bottled up inside isn't safe; it can eat it's way out. Trust me. I know from experience.

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