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    Default ModNation Racing! (For the PSP)

    So,I tried the ModNation Racing demo yesterday and IT IS AWESOME. ModNation Racing will probably be the best racing game on the PSP,in my opinion.

    *The music is EPIC

    *It makes a twist to classic kart racing

    *The graphics aren't too bad

    This game is just all around perfect! I suggest you try it!

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    Default Re: ModNation Racing! (For the PSP)

    YEa i know ive tried it too and loved it will probably be getting the psp and ps3 versions whats the first thing im gonna do make a track xD
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    Default Re: ModNation Racing! (For the PSP)

    I had the demo a week or so in advance, and also got to play around with the full version with the developers: Real fun. There's some limitations to it in comparison to the PS3 version, but still very much customizable and plays like the console version.

    Cant' wait for the full game!
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