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    Default [Might Be A While ):

    hey, guys.
    Im here to tell you that it might be a while before im back IG. My comouter has Norton Virus Software, and it thinks FR is a threat. It really stinks, but it will be a while b4 im back. I can still so FRI, but cant do any IG trades.

    Sorry, guys. Ill check in later.

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    Default Re: [Might Be A While ):

    I also have Norton and it used to tell me FR with a threat but I ignore it since FR, FRI, and Ourworld are basically the only things I do on my computer. :I

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    Default Re: [Might Be A While ):

    Doesn't everyone love those softwares that try to protect you but just frustrate you?

    Sorry to hear Helium. Hope you get back IG soon.
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