Welcome to the Official Job Trainer. The idea is simple. Check back here for new challenges on every job. These challenges will help you level up fast, and help you get better at that job.


- Find one rare or elite exploration token.
- Discover a new area in Blackspore that you never knew existed, such as a hangout spot.

- Defeat Mugwort's Hollow.
- Complete 1 quest in the Archer questline.

- Make 2 swords.
- Make any 5 weapons.

- Defeat Archana's Lair. (spelled wrong...)
- Defeat all enemies in one combat area.

Card Duelist:
- Defeat one real person in the TCG lobby.
- Defeat 1 CPU at TCG.

- Make 5 different dishes.
- Beat your record time for a dish.

Demo Derby Driver:
- Play 2 different derbies.
- Get at least 4th place in a derby.

- Catch 25 fish.
- Catch 5 fish at 3 different lakes.

- Defeat Forest Troll Fort.
- Buy one new Medic weapon and try it out in combat.

- Defeat any level 13 and up dungeon.
- Defeat 3 different dungeons.

- Beat any mail sorting game 5 times.
- Play 2 different delivery minigames.

Soccer Star:
- Beat any team at a soccer game.
- Play a multiplayer soccer game with a friend.

- Beat someone in a duel as Warrior.
- Complete a bonus in any combat dungeon.

- Buy one new piece of armor and equip it.
- Defeat any dungeon.

Please tell us what you thought of the Job Trainer, just post below. We are always looking for ways to improve!

Free Realms Job Trainer is not responsible for any injuries that may happen while attempting these challenges. But it's a virtual game, so you can't get injuries, so nobody has anything to worry about.