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Title: Lily's Fun Facts

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    Default Lily's Fun Facts

    Since I am obsessed with weird facts now, I thought I may as well share them with you!

    1. In certain parts of Italy, it is illegal for dogs to walk in public without wearing underwear.
    2. When peanut butter was first invented, it was used as a lubricant for special machines in Mexico.
    3. In Russia, they celebrate their Independence Day by safely dropping Pug Monkeys (with parachutes) from helicopters.
    4. Until 1856, the English alphabet only had 25 letters. The letter K was added in January of that year by Kris Kristofferson.
    5. In 1965 it became legal for chickens to wed in the state of North Dakota. Ducks are still prohibited from marrying in all 50 states.
    6. Studies show that people who are left-handed are more likely to be abducted by aliens.
    7. Whale eggs are larger than most beach balls.
    8. In some parts of England, it is considered rude to give a woman soup.
    9. If a horse smells a watermelon, he will giggle uncontrollably.
    10. In the Portuguese language, the word "foot" also means "bloody monkeys."
    11. Human ear wax is considered a delicacy in Wisconsin.
    12. The furthest star from Planet Earth, visible to the human eye, is named "Ronnie."
    13. If a mouse eats cheese upside down, it will explode.
    14. Until the late 1930's, Halloween was referred to as "The Ween Festival."
    15. In the early 1700's, dark-haired woman often used pork fat as hair conditioner.
    16. Because of the cold climate in New Zealand, most vegetables are grown in public restrooms.
    17. Abraham Lincoln, every night before bed, would eat a large mug of tuna fish and strawberries.
    18. In France, school children eat onions like American school children eat apples.
    19. Traditionally, Italian princesses bathe in blueberry juice.
    20. The average human mouth contains millions of micro-bacteria called "tongue-walkers."
    21. The basketball term "dribbling" comes from the Latin word "Dreeblae" which means "ball bouncing."
    22. Before shampoo was invented, Europeans washed their hair with sheep fat.
    23. According to scientific evidence, the human brain, if eaten, tasted very much like tunafish.
    24. When ketchup was first invented, it got its red color from chicken blood.
    25. In Wisconsin it is illegal for woman to wear swimsuits in high heeled shoes.
    26. The worlds largest pizza was over 2,000 miles wide. It was eaten by fourth graders from New Jersey.
    27. The game "Soccer" was originally invented in Canada and was originally called "Ball Kicking."
    28. The ancient Egyptians invented pyramids, toothpaste, and spandex.
    29. The name "Jennifer" comes from the Latin word "jenefia" which means "unfortunate female."
    30. There are no cows on the island of Kernivia so, instead, people drink dog milk.
    31. Every year in America, over 46,000 people are arrested for eating illegal meat.
    32. In some foreign countries, ear wax is considered a delicacy, often eaten on crackers.
    33. In Australia it's illegal to wear a skirt when visiting a farm.

    Now share some of your own!
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    Default Re: Lily's Fun Facts

    Those were both interesting, and somewhat disturbing xD DOGGYS IN UNDERWEAR...? That would be...Ahem...Interesting.

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    Default Re: Lily's Fun Facts

    *clap* *clap* *clap* Very nice facts.
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