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    shmegel Guest

    Default Let's Talk about neopets!

    I love neopets!

    It is one of the best sites ever!

    Please post!

    My username is shmegel3
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    blacksage Guest

    Default Re: Let's Talk about neopets!

    I love neopets!! I starting playing it about 8 years ago... I rarely go on it now, because I am 19 and kinda grew out of it, but I still go and play games if I get really bored and have nothing to do... I have like 12,000,000 np, because i never spent them, and they were in the bank with intrest

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    Default Re: Let's Talk about neopets!

    Why don't you donate you np to Shmege? LOL
    Anyways, I played Neopets for like 2 weeks but got bored stiff with it.

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    Icon3 Re: Let's Talk about neopets!

    I've played Neopets for 8 1/2 years. I love Neopets. As a matter of fact, I started playing Free Realms 2 days ago because of Neopets.

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