Ok, I was bored, so i thought i should give this a tryxP, and i loved pet trainer so me and this other FRI person (mabye some other ppl, idk) are trying to get that job back!:D If you are interested in helping out please view down below for what to do!

~First~ You go to the Free realms-Support and ask for help(or any other site that has complaints or ideas for FR)

~Second~ You can repeat/Copy what it says below this second direction, or just type your own.

Dear Free Realms, we would like you to bring back pet trainer! Since many thought it was to hard, you could put an option button for pet training on or off in Options. Many who did play while pet training was availible miss it, and many new players want to try it. I hope you can understand. Thanks you very much, (Sign your name here)

You can add to that because i know that there are many other reasons why people want this job, so feel free to add on to it:)

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THE JOB PET TRAINER, PLEASE DO NOT post anything bad on this thread. If you dont like this job feel free to post it on your own thread.ALSO... IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING PLEASE ASK OTHER PLAYERS TO JOIN BRINGING BACK THE PET TRAINER.