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    coolmews Guest

    Let The Dogs Come On In

    Here is a chat thread club where you can talk about your dogs. I you don't have any dogs you could just type about anything about dogs well let's meet my dog first:

    Pochie is a six year old Mini Dachshund. We found him sleeping in a box next to our house so we adopted him. My daughter named him Pochie because it was a cute name.

    Now let's hear about your dogs okay.

    So doggone it.

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    Default Re: Let The Dogs Come On In

    We have Samson, a golden retriever. He's a very good, calm dog. I love him, but he's my hubby's baby. He'd sit on my husbands lap like a lap dog if we'd let him. He's huge and sheds like crazy.

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    Default Re: Let The Dogs Come On In

    my dog is named sugar taco and he is awesome!

    the magic tech deck knows ALL!!!

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