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    Default *Legasp* Meet...Chicken Joe.

    Since I perfer VPI to WI, I Decided to post it here. <33

    On May 1st, 2008. A Discovery was made, A Famous Surfer, Known from the Mockumentry "Surfs Up" (Spoiler Warning~)

    Joined the Insane House.


    Along with his Grand Trophy(....LOL)

    For surfing..

    He Joins my Webkinz family, of 32.



    He lives with Xerx.

    My Cheekymonkey.

    Who Is Currently Moved out of his room.

    For now.

    ...Shh, hes sleeping!

    So now, Witness his Awesome Trophyness of Surfing.

    Chicken Joe, the Chicken who once lived.


    I hope this works. <3

    Now i present, CHICKEN JOE!!
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    Soccerchamp098 Guest

    Default Re: *Legasp* Meet...Chicken Joe.

    Adorable! Love the new webkinz!!!!! =]

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    Default Re: *Legasp* Meet...Chicken Joe.

    LOL That's funny!!
    Welcome to the Wonderful land of Narnia! Only a wardrobe away! Please visit my blog! It needs cool peeps like you! LOL Here is a link:

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    Evan101singingstar Guest

    Default Re: *Legasp* Meet...Chicken Joe.

    yay chicken joe!!!

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    Default Re: *Legasp* Meet...Chicken Joe.

    WooHoo! Yeah. Go Chicken Joe. Congratulations on your new pet!

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