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Title: Labyrinth:D

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    Default Labyrinth:D

    Is it just me or is Labyrinth just one of the most awesomist movies EVER!???!!!!????
    (btw, Im like inlove with Jareth the Goblin King<3)

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    Default Re: Labyrinth:D

    I'll admit I liked it yeah... I liked the Fireys best because they could take off their heads ( and arms and such ) and throw them around XD...And I thought it was interesting to see David Bowie in it, he did a good Goblin King XD.. I remember the Junk Lady too... She was interesting ... I think it was one of Jim Henson's best... That and The Dark Chrystal and oh yeah ! The Storyteller too XD
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    Default Re: Labyrinth:D

    That movie scares me, mostly because of the ballroom part, after she eats that magic-peach-thingy...*shiver*

    Abigail Sapphirespice

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