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    Rowan Guest

    Default Joe's Thursday Chat March 27th 2008

    Good Morning Kookeys! It's Thursday and the weekend is almost here, hang in there!

    Thanks to Cows4You I learned that today is National Joe Day! If you don't like your name you can say your name is Joe today or you can call everyone else Joe!

    Say hello to Joe!

    Me, I'm off to drink a cup of Joe!

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    Default Re: Joe's Thursday Chat March 27th 2008

    Thanks bunches for making my chat thread a WI roleplay discussion...
    Can you please delete that thread or close it? Thanks...

    Im not going to do the chat thread for March 28th.
    Considering no one like's my topics....
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    ..Should I be happy we are friends, or sad because that is all we will ever be?..
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