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Title: It's Been Awhile...

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    Default It's Been Awhile...

    Hey to whoever reads this.

    It's been a long time. Well about 3-4 years but it feels a lot longer.. I just happened to be looking through my Emails and noticed an Email from FRI wishing me a Happy Birthday, I didn't even know this site was still up and running. I reset my password and decided to login.. I didn't realize how many memories I had of this place though. I remember when the Site was bustling with Members and full of activity, now it's like an abandoned house.. I guess it feels weird, I made so many friends on here and in Free Realms itself but unfortunately lost contact with most of them.

    My ingame name was Mark Korr (Not sure it anybody will recognize that name though), I remember being in the Guild; Mystic Mayhem which was a VERY popular group full of great Members and friends, in fact I had some of my best experiences with them.

    Anyways I was just hoping to maybe reconnect with some old friends, (If I can find them) regardless if there are any other Members who do/don't remember who I am, please feel free to introduce yourself and tell me what you are up to these days perhaps even share some personal Free Realms stories or experiences?

    Thank you for reading this far

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    Default Re: It's Been Awhile...

    Hi Mark! I remember you and I was also a member here on Insiders and Mystic Mayhem. I have you added as a friend on your old Free Realms Facebook page and a few of the Mayhem folks are using the old Mystic Alts site as a haven of sorts to check in on every once in a while as well. Please let me know if you want a link and and I hope you have been well!
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