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    Default IRL: Training Techniques

    IRL = In Real Life

    So here is the story. The soccer season is coming up. I've got to build up my stamana and courage for soccer. I have to keep on running and I can't hesitate at all when it's going to be head on with the opponent. So I need any training techniques you've got for building up stamana and courage or just soccer training.

    I also play golf. In the summer, I enter some tournaments in order to qualify for the U.S. Kids World Championship in Georgia. I also enter some CYO and local tournaments as well. I'm pretty good, but I need to build up my self-confidence and strength. If you have any techniques for training, I'll be glad to have them.

    Please note that I would like routines. So please don't say, "Just do push ups and sit ups". Please state a list of exercises I should do, how long I should do each exercise, and in what order. Thank you in advance, and have a nice day.
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