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    Default I'm Back!!!! .......Maybe

    Hi everyone!! I'm not sure if ANYONE remembers me but my name is Ninja Anna just so you know but you probably know that..... O.O

    Anyways, this is more of a update post than anything else so let's get to it. My book Battle of a Lifetime will not be continued! Sorry!!!!!!!! BUT I might post it on another site called Wattpad. If you want to keep reading it send me a message and I will send you that information. Just so you know that site does no have acensor so you can pretty much say anything you want on there so be careful.

    I don't know if I will be around this site much longer but I will do the best I can to comment on stories and blongs and anything else that is on here. So yeah! See ya!!! *waves crazily*
    You caught me off guard now I'm runnin' and screamin'. I feel like a hero and you are my hero*ne. And I feel a weakness comin' on never felt so good to be so wrong. Had my heart on lockdown!

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    Default Re: I'm Back!!!! .......Maybe

    I remember you o:
    Welcome back! c:
    and I don't think I ever read your story though I remember seeing blogs about it (sorry..) so maybe I shall check it out on that site

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    Default Re: I'm Back!!!! .......Maybe

    Hello's Welcome Back!
    IGN: Tori Mistskater (Known As Emmmy, Blushing Cupcake, or Kylâ)
    Levi Lifesabor&Toxic Jac are real hobos!♥

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    Default Re: I'm Back!!!! .......Maybe

    Welcome back Ninja!

    -Limited IG time due to work-

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