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Title: if anyone sees this

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    Default if anyone sees this

    Hello, someone that I likely remember as not cringey in the slightest. When I was a part of this community, well, lets face it, no one never really left the community, just on hold, I remember FRI being such a mature place. Going back now I realize how freaking cringe some/most of us were and I am super sorry to those mods I harassed lol. We did have some fun with the fall of FRI, but it must have been a slap in the face to some of you seeing how the forum was heading. For a while, there was some big conspiracy and I forget who it involved besides some egg dude?? That was a riot.(more names recovered to throw at your fragile memories of the war: zyon, poke, diamond, overlord joshua, tft)

    Now I can officially come clean and say I was for sure lying about my age in 2014. I am sorry if that hurts anyone. Oh, it doesn't and you don't give a hoot about me or forgot of my existence? That is great as well. Honestly, just realizing how young I was and how mature I thought everyone else was made me question the ages of everyone that was around me during this time. What are you all doing now? How has life been to you? What is coming up in the future?

    Shockingly, I am graduating a semester early this year from high school and have scholarships for a full ride. I have been sick for the past 5 years and have had to undergo multiple surgeries. Sadly, this will be the case for my entire life. I wish Free Realms was still around, especially during the times I was bedridden, but I am as glad as every one of you are that it was a part of our lives.

    Time is too short to not be completely honest with your friends. I've learned my lesson completely, as I would have many more friends from the Free Realms days now if I was honest about my age and identity. I've also come to find out today that the only pictures I have left from FR is on this website, so I will be packing up all of my belongings here and moving them on to the old reliable. EDIT: Thank god for this website because I just found photos of my passed kitty.

    If any of you have heard anything new about the new Free Realms popping up and are on their Discords, please do share the info along. It is really hard to keep track of when you pop in every other year.

    Thank you all for the great memories and safe place this was for so many people. I will always remember you, friends. I will check in on this for about a month to see if anyone writes back and after that it will be random check ins. I really would like to know what you all are doing nowadays, so c'mon, tell me!

    Its your world, you can do whatever you want to.
    Have a great life.

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    This ends on a good note.

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