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    Icon1 If anyone is checking in on this site and hasn't heard, there's a project to revive Free Realms called Free Realms Sunrise.

    Just Google it. Started in 2017, apparently it's going along pretty well. According to what I read, open beta will be starting soon™. So maybe a year or two from the time of this post, if I were to guess.

    Here's a trailer they made early last year:

    Neato, huh?

    As for me, just going down a trip on memory lane, lately. Most of the kid-MMOs I played when I was a kid (a time which seems to have coincided with the boom in kid-MMOs), well, most of them have shut down. Also, most that have shut down have been revived by fans. A quick status of a few:

    ToonTown: Shut down, revived with ToonTown Rewritten

    Club Penguin: Shut down, revived with Club Penguin Rewritten

    Free Realms: Shut down, revival in the works as Free Realms Sunrise

    Wizard101: Still up, somehow. Still releasing new content on a semi-regular basis, somehow. Still charging the exact same monthly fee with the exact areas that were free a decade ago, still the only areas accessible without paying... somehow. Almost wish it would shut down so someone could revive it and make the whole thing free at this point. I ain't payin' 10 dollars a month for nostalgia.

    Webkinz: Still up. Not really an MMO, but I played it. My Webkinz are still there. They have not died. Their hunger meter isn't even half way down. They are not animals. They need no sustenance. They are Webkinz, a type of being beyond comprehension. Also, this website's sister site, Webkinz Insider, is also still going, and it's active. Crazy crazy. I used to frequent that site before I played Free Realms. Crrrrrazy.

    Runescape: I think it got replaced by Runescape 3, then they brought the old one back, and now that's way more popular. Didn't play it much, but I did play it.

    Lego Universe: Shut down. I think there's some kind of revival project. No idea if it'll ever pan out. This game had an awesome soundtrack, look it up on YouTube.

    Anyways, if any of ya'll remember me, feel free to drop me a PM or something. Maybe I'll see it in a year or so, maybe sooner if I remember I posted this sooner. (Edit: Actually I might get it sooner, I found a setting that'll email me if I get a PM. So, if the site's not down, I might actually see it. Oops.)

    Hope you guys are havin' some good lives out there.

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