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    Default I quit! Well, for the time being.

    I posted this in the wrong forum, and the thread didn't get moved, so repost here.

    Heya, this is Orthuss, here to say that I'm quitting Free Realms for now. I've been less and less active in the last few months, mainly because there's just nothing to do. And everything that's there to do costs actual, real-life money. I remember back when SOE still made updates that give us new things to do. Now, they're just adding clothing, pets, housing items, housing lots, and EVERYTHING costs SC! That's the main reason. I remember back when there were parties at the Wugachug stage, people listening to the NPC Bruce sing "It's your world!". Now, I just plain feel like this song has gone to SOE's head, and that they can do whatever they want to get more money from us devoted players. So I'm quitting. And let me ask you a question: When was it our world again?

    Thanks and Goodbye until SOE fixes this, hopefully soon. I'll see you then. Orth.

    EDIT: I guess you can find me on such sites as Habbo, AQ Worlds and hopefully Lego Universe.

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    Default Re: I quit! Well, for the time being.

    I'll miss you Orthuss.

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    Default Re: I quit! Well, for the time being.

    aww.....we'll miss you Orth....
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