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    Bye Bye!!!
    Yep, taking a break from freerealms/the computer itself. I usually stop by fr for a couple months. So yeah im leaving once again doesnt mean i dont love ya all :]. Just means its kinda getting a habit and i dont like habits I will return in a couple months. I will not be on here much and will not be doing any trades. So again i love all ya! :] Kinda busy with school and other stuff. So cya! P.S. I will log on here but only once a week at the most. Bye!
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    Narwhales. Bai.

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    - secretly bets she's bored with Free Realms like him - Bye Dawn. Good luck with life, hope to see you around summer. -Your Friend, Levi Lifesaber.
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    Thanks to the people who made my 4 years on Free Realms special. Hope yall are doin good. See yall down the road.

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