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    Icon4 I got the wrong pack!

    Earlier, when the packs finally came out, I went to claim mine. But it was the wrong one! I had gotten the 12 month package, when i had assumed I was a lifetime member. Unfortunately, I realized this after I had click "Claim"... After complaining about this to my family, my little brother suggested I might have gotten the wrong pack because before they came out with Lifetimes, they had only up to a year. Well, I had purchased a year long subscription, the day before they came out with the lifetime memberships. Then they announced that they would give free lifetime memberships to the people who had brought a year.

    I realize I am making this a mouthful, and I am literally panting because I didn't breathe the entire time I was typing this. But has anybody else had issues like this after being automatically upgraded to lifetime?

    **Note** The Referees where very nice, and restored the items that the pack was missing, so if you have had any trouble, just know the Referees will not give you any hassle.
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    Default Re: I got the wrong pack!

    Nope, cause I bought the LifeTimeMemberShip as soon as it came out.
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    Default Re: I got the wrong pack!'s nice that the promise of upgraded lifetime membership was fulfilled for you. Enjoy your pack.

    -wanted to get a year subscription to get upgraded, but had no SC as usual-
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    Default Re: I got the wrong pack!

    No But my Cousin had this problem, She had
    the same exact problem That you did.

    But I just Called her And told her what to do
    and she got her items restored.

    So Congratulations on getting your pack!

    Signing off:
    ~*Sakura Haruno*~

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