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    Rowan Guest


    For Build-A-Bearville Fans don't forget the Huggable Heroes visit today and tomorrow only.

    The Huggable heroes are everywhere but not all day. Here's a quick guide:

    If you see a guide that is a hint that one of the heroes will be entering at that spot on that server. Here's what a guide looks like:

    You can find the hero by looking for the yellow shirt with the star or by their name which ends in HuggableHero. This is CharlotteHuggableHero:

    They walk around and move very fast so I found Charlotte by waiting in Town Square of Bear Blvd after I saw a guide, about 15minutes after the guide left she showed up. They walk all around and walk fast so you have to be quick, I missed Bailey a few times but saw her long enough to add her as a friend.

    Find a spot to hang out, like Town Square, and click on the Furbulous Friend Finder. It's the icon in the left hand bottom corner with the people on it. Here's a pic:

    Click on 'Nearby' and as people come and go it will update. When you see the name with HuggableHero you must ask to trade!

    Be sure to have a few hats, totebag or scarf in your inventory for them to choose. They may ask for a santa hat or something you don't want to trade, just take it out of the trade by clicking on it. They will be fair. I traded a pair of sunglassess and a scarf for the hat. The hat looks like the one Bearemy wears.

    Have fun and play games while waiting too!!
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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    Charlotte is wearing the hat that you trade for, just like Bearemy's!

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    What's a Huggable Heroe?

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    Popstar89 Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    What is huggable heros? I haven't been on BABV for like 3 weeks!

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    glamorousgirl Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    Sorry I don't undertand!

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    ChanellyBell Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    Awsome I added A Guide So I Know If They are Online

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    For those of you that asked, Huggable Heroes are real people. There are 12 kids per year that win. They are nominated for charitable work. The nomination forms are online or in the build-A-Bear Workshop store. This post was about real huggable heroes from years past that had avatars walking around Bearville on just that weekend and they were giving out/trading their special hats.

    Here's some info from BABW, or you can click ------>HERE

    A Huggable Hero is a young person 18 years of age or under doing stuff to make a difference in their neighborhood, school or community. These special people are an inspiration to us and all those around them. Each year Build-A-Bear Workshop® has honored young people chosen from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for their outstanding community service. In 2008 we will also honor great kids doing things in Puerto Rico, France and Ireland.

    They could be one of 12 winners to receive $10,000 in prizes, including a $7,500 college scholarship and a $2,500 donation for their special cause from the Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation. Plus, they’ll take part in an exciting 3-day, 2-night trip for a professional photo shoot for the 2009 Huggable Heroes calendar.

    I got a hat from Whitten and from Charlotte. Here's who they are:

    Whitten - Kentucky
    Whitten founded Kids Acting Against Cancer, Inc. (KAAC), a non-profit organization that “acts” to raise money to improve the lives of children going through cancer treatments. She and her fellow KAAC members give their time and talents to help put on shows and obtain donations. To date, they have raised nearly $160,000. In addition, because of its fundraising efforts, KAAC has donated medical equipment to pediatric oncology units.

    Charlotte - New York
    Charlotte spends countless hours donating hygiene products to Family Service Associations, domestic supplies to Violence Intervention Programs and games and videos to the Fox Healthcare Psychiatric Unit. Charlotte has raised over $13,000 to benefit these organizations and has also inspired her classmates to get involved in community service.

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    Ellen Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    I go to a preschool to have violin lessons (they use the building) and they had that calendar.

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    Rowan Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    It sounds like a great way to recognize young volunteers!

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    Ellen Guest

    Default Re: Huggable Heroes in Build-A-Bearville!

    They also had nomination forms attached to National Geographic Kids Magazine.

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