Hmm, for some reason i thought this site completely shut down. Sorry I've been absent for so long. In all honesty it astounds me how many of you never forget and visit often. I love it.

I still have hopes for Freerealms Rewritten. Since there is already Toontown Rewritten and soon to be Pirates of the Carribean Rewritten. However DeviantArt and World of Warcraft work nicely for me. I miss you guys! If you ever want to contact me or play WoW w/me you can add me on DeviantArt-Kaitlin73.

Anyway, I recovered well from my maxillofacial double jaw surgery and wisdom teeth extraction. Everything went well, recovery was such a pain. But I can't believe it's been a year since I've had it done. I can still tell that theres fake tissue in my chin though, doesn't feel the same.

School is going well, work is a pain. I'm hoping to learn more art techniques and programs to improve. I'm going to Washington for a month and hopefully it'll be fun. Anyway just stopped by to chat and give a little update. Hopefully your lives are going well, feel free to leave your updates below as well. Cya later!