So, I know a lot of you like to edit photos. I do, too. I also know a lot of you use Picnik. I do, too.
Picnik is a great site, but a lot of their best tools require membership. I'm a member, but my sister is not, and so are a lot of people.
So I put my Thinking Cap on. A couple months ago, a fellow Insider told me about taking pictures in game; how you press 'Print Screen' then go into 'Paint' and paste it. Well, you could do that with Picnik, but the Premium sticker would be in the corner. Like this;

[Effect: Shiver Me Timbers!: Gritty]
That woud not work then, the sticker would be in the way!
I had to get something there so the Premium sticker would not cover a corner of the final photo.
So, I went into 'Frames' clicked 'Before and After' and clicked 'No Caption':

*Here is the original photo:

And I went back to Gritty; the effect I wanted; and clicked it. I pressed 'Print Screen' and pasted it into 'Paint' so it looked like this.
Then I simply cropped out the eccess, and I was left with a members-only effect and no sticker- for free!
This method can be used for all of Picnik's Premium Package EXCEPT stickers, I believe.
I really hope this is useful for those of you who can't have membership. I enjoyed sharing it with you.
Thanks! Comment!