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Title: hello!

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    catlover15 Guest

    Default hello!

    :nod::thumbupk people. i am here to start a countdown till the 6th movie of harry potter. as you can see from my siggy today it is only 390 more days. the movie comes out november 21 2008. we can talk about harry potter and stuff just to waste time until it is only one year. i don't expect this to last 390 days until the movie but lets just try to waste time until then! :worshippy: i love harry potter! and does anyone know when the third movie will be out on dvd?

    sorry guys i ment the fifth movie. when will the fifth movie be out on dvd. sorry!
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    DracoMalfoyLuv Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    I had a feeling you ment 5th! Is the 4th out?? I can't find it *sigh*. I think it is suppose to come out around Christmas/Hanuka (sorry if I misspelled it, I don't celebrate it), and New Years.

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    Hunter Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    long time from now!

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    catlover15 Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    yah i know it's a long time but thats why we are counting down! and thanks dracomalfoyluv! thats a long time from now.

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    bumstukintiredana Guest

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    Seems like forever

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    Autumn Roselake's Avatar
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    Default Re: hello!

    I'm a potter fan too. I loved them all. and wow this will be some lonnnnnnnnnnng countdown.

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    Godgirl98 Guest

    Default Re: hello!

    OMG!I love HP movies!!

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