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    Default Happy Families Day! || May 15th chat thread

    Today is International Families Day. This was established by the United Nations in 1992, and like international children's day they have a theme for each year. This years theme is "Confronting Family Poverty and Social Exclusion."

    They may get on your nerves are times, and they may not always do the right thing. But we all have a family of some sort. Sometimes we have people who we consider family but may not actually be related..if you do have that, you are very blessed indeed.

    Take a moment to spend a little time with your Family today. Maybe you would want to invite them to play Free Realms with you...

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    Default Re: Happy Families Day! || May 15th chat thread

    How exactly do you go about confronting that though ?... I know you can go help out in homeless shelters and donate some of your time to things like that and for yourself be against social exclusion ... But what are some ideas to effectively confront that and make an impact ?
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