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Title: Happy 4th!

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    Default Happy 4th!

    Hey guys hope ya all have a good july 4th cause im having a sucky one this yr. Lol
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    Default Re: Happy 4th!

    My family never does anything for the 4th of July. Plus it has been raining all day for me. ;c

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    Default Re: Happy 4th!

    I bought me some homemade chocolate cookies, that was the only thing I thought today was good. Yummeh

    I'm really lonely tbh.. :c
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    Default Re: Happy 4th!

    We are gonna go see fireworks, and eat hotdogs, might go swimming if it dies down.

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    Default Re: Happy 4th!

    Well I have a 4th of July party either tomorrow or Saturday...weird since it's not on the 4th this year. (But it's also weird that my cousins are having a costume party later this month o.o)

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