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Title: Hair c:

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    Apr 2013

    Default Hair c:

    Hiya people o: so i was wondering what is a good color to add in with pink hair? i have crazy random hair color yep c: but i was wondering what people think would be good.

    And if any one else has random hair color what colors? or color? :3
    (Ideas for next dye hehe x3)
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    Aug 2013

    Default Re: Hair c:

    I have bright red hair ^o^ and i would say purple would or black o-o
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    Default Re: Hair c:

    I'd say fade the pink into a red like the tips end up being red :I
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    Default Re: Hair c:

    Blonde, black, purple, green, and yellow.
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    Default Re: Hair c:

    I'll say yellow
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    Jun 2012

    Default Re: Hair c:

    I had yellow and green hair(it was packers superbowl and they are my team so) once. It was horrid.
    I currently have dark brown hair and platinum blonde only because I had to bleach it. Now i'm dying it darkish red.

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    Jul 2013

    Default Re: Hair c:

    I hate the color pink...though i think it would look good with black?
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    Default Re: Hair c:

    @Dude oh my god PINK HATER BUDDIES C: btw i used to use tht phrase in your siggy like years ago xD so funny.
    Narwhales. Bai.

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