Ok So Today was Guild Day and i got an idea to write a song about Guilds so yea Check it!
Play This before you read the guild song

When We First i got a Computer
Loved it like a Sibling It Could'nt Go Wronnnng!
I Searched the Internet Checked out an MMO-OHHH!
It Was Called Free Realms Lots of Fun I Was Overwhelmeeeed
There were alot of People with groups in Under There Nammme
It Was a Guild That was In your Gaaaame
And Friends Bonded Trades were Parted and there was Admin
but Many People of Other Guilds Went to Other Guilds For Less Rulesssss
and so Guild Members Started Guild and Became Leaders
and The People of Other Guilds Started There Own Guild and So on and So On!
Because A Guild is a Community in a M--M--O!!