I have noticed an increasing amount of "goodbye" threads by our members. Typically, these are not allowed on any insider site -- but given the circumstances (FR shutting down) I am prepared to allow *some* to continue to be posted (just don't get crazy with them).

Having said that, the following rules need to be enforced (and will be) by the staff:

1.) Absolutely NO personal information can be exchanged by members. This includes: eMail, mailing addresses, phone numbers, texting numbers, facebook information, twitter accounts, etc.

2.) NO Personal information may be exchanged via PM. There should be no sentences that say "so-and-so please PM me to keep in touch" that will be interpreted as personal info being given out.

3.) NO 'calling out' individuals who may have scammed you, you don't like, etc.

4.) No flirtatious behaviour. We don't allow relationships anywhere on site.