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    Default Goodbye everybody...

    Well I can't believe it.. FreeRealms has fallen. I can say I've played it for years but didn't expect this until later on. It's fallen into ruins but I thought they would try a big last ditch effort to get it back on track. I have made so many awesome and wonderful friends through the game so it saddens me to see it go. I'll miss this site too even though I've not been here long. I will miss FreeRealms and everyone in it dearly... Atleast I have games to fall back on. Goodbye everyone, I will miss you all. -Jake Page... Signing off for the last time.
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    Default Re: Goodbye everybody...

    Yeah, if this truly does end like.. forever, then that would be sad.. If you guys read the article you could see even the presidents kids play that game and are still active players.... So it would suck SO much if it does end.
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