Well, let's just say that Free Realms has been one of the most amazing games ever, at least for me. I've made so many great friendships, and thankfully, I can still contact those people without Insiders, or the game. But you know what's sad? It's sad that the place where we met and talked and shared memories is just going away. I've been playing this game for probably at least 4 years and it's just a shame. I worked harder than I've ever worked on a game. xD Free Realms was literally what I looked forward to every day. But it's also sad that the game seemed to become less and less popular. I mean, that tends to happen with most games, but I was so attached to this game, and it meant the world to me. I just want to thank SOE and Insiders, and all of the people who ran Free Realms. You definitely changed my life. Now that may sound cheesy because it's "just a video game", but let me just tell you it's not just a video game to me.

I was talking to one of my friends (Nilla Wafer3) on Twitter today, and she didn't know that Free Realms was ending. We're going to gather up a couple of the close friends we've made and play this game one last time together, because it's where we all met, and it means a lot to us. To be completely honest, I feel so close to the game, and maybe that's weird, but not to me.

Anyways, thanks again Free Realms. For giving me something fun to do and talk to people who I would soon become close friends with. Thanks CVS for having Station Cash cards so I could use my allowance to buy some. (seriously all I needed was some SC to get some TCG cards am I right?) Thanks for all the rides and the cool pets, and all the clothes that I wished I had, but still could never get. (mostly because they were from farming, and farming was the death of me)

Thanks. I'll honestly never forget these memories.

- Emily
1st name on FR - Desiree Feistyflower
Changed - Epic Desiree 123
Changed - Princess Melodie
(okay please don't ask about the choices of names I was 10 goodbye)