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    Default Global warming

    gh.jpgWe all now one day global warming is going to ruin our earth someday but are we gonna let that happen doesn't future people wanna now that we stopped global warming and make history?Or your going to sit there one the laptop doing nothing.Hi my name is Rocker John and I'm hear to tell you get green! Celebrate the earth don't we wanna live? Here are some tips for going green!
    -Go outside and play some sports
    -Go green by planting some plants!
    -Don't listen to anyone but yourself your helping the earth!
    -Eat good with vegies
    See people you can make a big difference in earth just doing these stuff.Were going green with the world.I know were having trouble with tokyo with the big hurricane but we can help them by going green!We can stop the South and North from melting by stopping fuel and use that fuel from something else like fries.We can make a difference!
    By your fellow player
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    Default Re: Global warming

    I really do wonder about the whole Global Warming thing.. I know the Earth itself has a magnetic field that rotates... Though through core samples that were taken it was found that in the rock in those samples contains bits of metal.. And in the later sections of those samples those metal fragment bits were pointing the same way they do today.. though for earlier times in those same core samples they pointed the opposite direction than they do today... And based on studying the information they were gathering they concluded that the Earths magnetic field at one point had spun the opposite direction that it is now and for it to change direction it would first have to slow down slowly and slowly and the slower it goes the more UV rays are allowed in and more damage from the sun can come... even amounts of skin cancer would increase if it were to happen again today... So if there is a thing as global warming... maybe the cause of it has nothing at all to do with us.. maybe rather the magnetic field is changing direction.. maybe ?
    Playing outside, camping and helping the Earth and such though... Very good ideas that I don't at all oppose XD
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    Default Re: Global warming

    It's less about the magnetic field than with the polar ice caps melting as well as the pollution in the air (in my opinion anyway). From all of the CFCs that we've produced, there's been a significant increase in the greenhouse effect in our atmosphere. Because of that, as well as the disappearance of the ozone layer, the polar ice caps have begun melting. All of the animals that have a habitat in those ice caps are threatened, and ocean levels around the world would be increasing. This leads to trouble for coastal cities.

    But, you'd think an increase in water would solve our diminishing water resources right? Nope. Sea water is so high in salt content that it takes massive amounts of money to filter it into something usable and drinkable; money, that no one wants to spend. Also, because of the increasing temperatures, inland freshwater lakes have been disappearing as well, and many of them are a major water source for dessert metropolitan areas like Los Angeles. Nova, or NatGeo actually did a documentary showing what would happen if we continued to use up water like we did today, and if global temperatures continued to rise. It's called Collapse. These environmental issues were actually why we went vegan.

    If you want to check your carbon footprint on this planet, EcologyFund, Ecological Footprint Calculator - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free!

    It also gives you an idea of what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint (with the different choices and all). A lot of the "going green" actions you can take are really simple:

    1. Turn off the water when you aren't using it - eg: when you step away to grab a dishtowel, when you're brushing your teeth or washing your face, taking 35 minute showers for the heck of it.
    2. Turn off electronics/light fixtures when you aren't using them - eg: laptops, lamps, lights in rooms, radios.
    3. Don't drink bottled water. Get your parents to invest in one of those Brita faucet filters instead. Bottled water just increases the neverending amount of plastic we have to deal with.
    4. If you can walk somewhere instead of take the car, walk. It's good for you.
    5. Recycle! Everything! From batteries to soda cans.

    There's much more, but the more you do it, the simpler these things become as you come to the realization that what you normally do is not that much different from what you do now :]

    A lot of people don't think changing will make a difference..... Yes, it makes a huge difference because when you don't, the rate at which the planet dies increases exponentially (the tablecloth effect). Some people I've spoken to don't believe in global warming..... How ignorant must you be to claim documented scientific facts are fake? .__. If you don't wanna change, that's your choice..... Just don't start ignoring the truth, lol.

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