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    Icon6 Games By Soe That you like!

    Have you ever played a game that you realy love and you realy Like? And its buy SOE Makers of free realms?

    Some that i like are:
    Jak and Daxter The Precurcer Legacy
    Jak and Daxter The lost fronter
    -to lazy to right all the name of rachet and clank-
    Rachet and Clank -seris-

    If your fans of these -Witch I am huge fans of- Fell Free To Post or pm Or take the time to post Some Soe Games that you know of and would like to talk about

    Also here To share cool glitches and eggs And stuff like that on jak and rachet seris

    Hope You enjoy and have fun posting

    Enjoy fr!!!
    He he -killed chatty- O_o

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    Default Re: Games By Soe That you like!

    I'm a fan

    but actually, those games were published by SOE's "parent" company: SCEI (Sony Computer Entertainment) both are subsidiaries of SONY though.

    You could look at it like this:
    SOE - Handles the publishing of MMO(RP)Gs
    SCEI - Handles the publishing of products: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, PSX, PlayStation, PocketStation
    SONY - Sells/publishes Electronic equipment such as a television, communication devices, Blu-ray, etc...

    Using the word publisher lightly you could say they are in charge of advertising and the like...

    Now, we go into the Developer level. Developers are people/studios like: Naughty Dog, Electronic Arts, SOE San Diego (Meaning the SOE HQ in San Diego works on it), Insomniac, etc.

    Developers make and create the games, and can work independently (EG: They make the game and have to rely on word of mouth and no big company is there to shout it out to people) or they can become a part with a company such as the SCEI and develop a game for that publisher.

    Naughty Dog --> Developed/made: Jak II, Jak 3, Jak X, and Jak and Daxter --> SCEI Published (advertised/put on their platforms).
    Insomniac --> Developed/made: Ratchet Franchise/games ---> SCEI published

    Now, R&C wasn't always made by the same developers... sometimes another developer made the game for another platform.

    A example being:

    High Impact Games --> Developed: R&C - Size Matters for the PSP --> SCEI published

    At least... I think that's how it goes. It gets rather complex, sorry. D:
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