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    Default Games Like Free Realms??

    Since Free Realms's Sunset, I've been pretty bored when it comes to getting online and playing games and stuff. (I'm not really into social media except for YouTube and even that is getting boring for me).

    I was wondering if you guys knew of any games like Free Realms?
    I tried Wizard 101 today, but in case I get bored of that, are there any other games like FR?

    PS: I don't really like the 3D chatrooms like IMVU because there isn't any jobs or games or combat or housing like FR.
    And one thing I would really, really, really like is if there is a game that can work on a Mac, is free to play, E or E10+ or T (no M please), and includes housing, jobs, leveling up, and what not.

    I know this is a lot to ask, but it would mean a lot if you helped me (:
    I'll even do something for you back if you want

    here's a flower
    thank you (:

    oh and here are a list of other games for you guys if you are having similar online-game-troubles:
    -Wizard 101 (FTP)
    -Pirates 101 (FTP)
    -Minecraft (not FTP)
    -Aion (T) (PC only)
    -Roblox (very Minecraft-like, but more freedom and more online-based) (FTP for the most part)
    -Everquest (made by SOE) (I think it's T) (I think it's also FTP now)
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    Default Re: Games Like Free Realms??

    Maybe Onverse or Wakfu?
    I have them downloaded but never really got into them.

    They reminded me of like the Build-A-Bear art and I forget what wakfu looks like. I remember being unimpressed.

    I've played Wizard101 since the beginning of 2009. I like it a lot, but it's a game where you play for about four months, get sick of it and take a break, and come back a couple months later. I went through a whole year of playing the game nonstop, took a six months to a year break, lost all my friends in that time, and have going on and off with six month memberships and one month memberships. It's a great game, but gets tiresome.
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    Default Re: Games Like Free Realms??

    Landmark is pretty good from what I've heard but it's hard to run so you need a good computer to run it. Villagers and Heroes has been getting relatively popular too and it's sort of similar to FR.
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    Default Re: Games Like Free Realms??

    DRAMAtical Murder
    Nononono I'm just kidding, don't go there

    I haven't really found any other games like FR. Aura Kingdom was the closest, got boring.

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    Default Re: Games Like Free Realms??

    You could give Villagers And Heroes a shot.

    You can pick from 4 main jobs (Wizard, Warrior, Hunter, and Priest).
    There are 4 different crafting jobs that go along with that (Smith, Woodworker, Cook, and Tailor), plus Ranching, Gardening, and Gathering.
    There is leveling in all 5 jobs, up to level 70. There is a story line, quests, collections, combat, crafting, guilds, and an active and friendly (for the most part) user base.
    It does not have housing in the traditional sense, meaning there is no building , or interior decorating. What it does have is a Village system where you maintain your garden and animal pens, and work on various village projects that enhance and expand the village you choose to settle in. In addition to open villages, there are guild villages as well. I am not positive about the game rating, but I think it is E (Everyone), and has standards along the same lines that Free Realms had.

    There is a short intro and video if you wish to see it at the LoM site, here:
    Legends of Mayhem • Villagers and Heroes - The Tour

    You can view and download the game, here:
    Play | Friendly Online Game – Crafting Combat Ranching – Villagers and Heroes

    I have run across at least 3 dozen Free Realms players there so far. So you may spot a familiar name or two. There are two servers for US players, The US Server, and the US2 Server. I am on the older, more populated US Server, but I know a small number of FR players that have opted for the newer, less populated US2.

    The game is 100% F2P all the way to max level, and earns its revenue through cash shop transactions. You can buy convenience items such as extra storage which makes the game a little easier to play, but it is not required for complete access to all content.
    While I do not care for it as much as I did FR, it is the closest thing to it I have found, and I have decided to stick with it.

    Good luck to you.
    I hope you can find a game you can stick with as well.
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