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    Icon4 games that interact with fr

    well first i played neopets then fr then neo then fr again (same acc's) then i couldent play fr for like a month.then i started playing roblox(still am) and now i cant play fr on the laptop cause it has wizard 101 and roblox cause apperently the software is all the same and has to move or deletes something cause after i quit wizard101 i cant delete it so now i cant play fr cause i need to delete one of the two and well i dont play wizard101 if you know how to delete something(its taking up the fire wall)plz help cause i need to play on here if my computer shuts me off(i have parental controls)

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    Default Re: games that interact with fr

    if you mean deleting the program wizard101 that was installed back when you played it then go to control panel, programs, install/uninstall. look for the wizard101 programs and click on it, thenclick uninstall.

    parental control you have to talk about it with your parents, im sure they have a password for it.

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