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    Icon6 Fun games. You can pa=lay while fr is down :D

    Alright so here is a list of websites you could check out while your waiting for FR it get fixed up. The games are kinda like fr you can interact with others but these dont require any downloading. I have played all these games. Some of them years ago and have had no problems with them. So they are safe Have fun!!!!!!

    1. Star - Its kinda girly but you can dress up and create your own doll, boys or girls can play. Mainly girls xD And its realy fun you ought to check it out.

    2. In this game you can create a little person and walk around and interact with people. You can create your own home and buy things. Its pretty fun.

    3.Weeworld. - You can create a person guys or girls can play. You can walk around... well they actually jump BUT its pretty cool.

    4. - This game you can make your own avi and they dont move or anything but they do sell clothes and the clothes they sell on there for your avi is like anime themed and they also have dolls you can dress up and earn coins for clothes for your own doll (:. - Guys or girls can play. You can make your own character and walk around in these little places. You can buy clothes on there or earn coins. Also the characters in this game is some what anime.

    6. Dragon - This website doesnt let you speak with other players. But it is awesome you make you own person they are either a mage warrior or rouge and you adventure and beat up bad guys and level up. You can also buy awesome items on the game or earn pets and gear. - Its like dragon fable but you have alot more places to go and you get to customize your own person and level up and earn cool gear pets and weapons.

    8. - This is like adventure quest too but it takes place in the future and you can costumize your own character and go out fighting bad guys but this time you have your own giant robot you control and you can earn gear and level and go to this robot academy school.
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    Default Re: Fun games. You can pa=lay while fr is down :D

    Thx for the info Piper
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