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    Default Free Realms Family!

    I got an idea for a thread and didn't know where to post it so it goes here. =_=

    This is where you list your FR and FRI families!

    It's basically where you post your pets and mounts and closest friend on here.SPREAD DA LOVE! <3

    Here's my FR family:

    My Pets:

    Chibi (my doggy, she's married to Scruffy)
    Scruffy-(my other dog who's married to Chibi)
    Karma-(She's my OTHER dog and she's married to Achimedes, one more dog)
    Archimedes-(my last dog, he's married to Karma)
    Echo-(my triceratops, he's just my travel buddy. ^_^)

    My dragon and my unipeg (I would say their names, but I'm embarrassed to. ^^;. They're married to. Don't ask me why they're all married, they just are. ^^; )


    Wesley Auraeyes-(my real-life brother, he doesn't play often)

    And everyone else is just my family. I don't really know what they are, maybe cousins. ^^;
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    Default Re: Free Realms Family!

    this is a nice thread.. heres my family:

    i have three rides: the dino from seven eleven, called him sumi, the white mare which i called tarita, and the black glowing stallion called thunder

    for my pets, i have my very first pet ollie (white dog), leon (doberman whistle), klobchen (the she rex), la griffe (crab), dino (free purple dino), picaro (emotor), raja (orange tiger), and jeune eclaire (black unicorn)

    well, i really dont have any other family members playing fr, but i do have a real life friend in the game

    <Blood Wolf>
    I am looking for complete, black elite archer and warrior set. PM if selling.

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    Default Re: Free Realms Family!

    Here is my FR family:

    Fun - my first pet in FR, when I bought his name was Echo
    Magnificent - my little cute pengie : )
    Cocolate - she is a pug and likes to sleep..
    Simon - he is a doberman, a bit agressive most of the time
    Mr. Hoss - a cute emo-tor raptor form the Valentines
    Alfy - a snake, he does not do any tricks just hangs out with me
    Duck - yeah, a duck named Duck
    Ned - he is the newest in our family and he is a triceratops

    and ofc I have a mout, a black stallion and his name is Starstruck.

    The there is Daisy and Hannah who are like IG sisters to me
    Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.


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