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Title: Found a New Game to Play

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    Icon7 Found a New Game to Play

    Heya, I found a new game called Aion (the free version). Seems fun, I play weekends. The server I play on is Anuhart & im Elyos. My name on there is Challana, but I may delete that char and start a new one. If any of you guys play it tell me!
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    Default Re: Found a New Game to Play

    ...I feel like I couldn't pronounce any of those names if I tried ;-;
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    Default Re: Found a New Game to Play

    I'd love to play it, but it's not available on Mac. I'm not going to bother using bootcamp or all that technical stuff.

    Oh man, this thread had 1 reply and it was put in the "Hottest Threads" section. I remember when you had to have like 60 replies to get there.
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