So heres the story of Arianna,her best friend Rosie.
Chapter 1 A New Beginning
Rosie Sapphire,Arianna Sappires sister,woke up in thier stone house at dawn.Rosie kept on thinking of the vistor who would come.Rosie got up and found Arianna sitting on thier horse,Queenie.They had 4 horses.
DW My Midnight Delieght (Midnight-Black yearling)
DW The Old Mans Queen (Queenie-6 yrs old,red horse)
DW Old Man Maximan (Max-13 yrs old,red horse)
DW Old Man Duke (Duke-Black horse,VERY old)
Arianna got eggs and cooked them over the campfire then went to brush her hair.
"We saved up enough to buy a whole beautiful set of fruit trees,animals,stone paths,flowers,a fairy tree,and some perfect leave clothes",Arianna said.
"Dont forget the well,swimming pool,pool,pond,and more",Rosie said.A man walked in a week later and asked to see them.He was the man who was gonna marry one of them.His name was John.They were all friends after 1 week.
"Thanks for letting me stay here,Rosie and Arianna",John said kindly.
"No problem",said Arianna.
"Its nothing",Rosie said with her sweet voice.

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