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Title: Extra Life

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    Default Extra Life

    Whilst I was watching the latest 'The Sanctuary Free Realms podcast', I heard that add at the end and went to their website. What I'm talking about is Extra life. Gamers from all over the world get friends and family to support them in a 24 hr gaming marathon playing their favourite game. As crazy as it seems, I think I might do it. If I can manage to get my parents to let me (likely not) and a whole load of Red Bull, that is. This also might be a good excuse to get a few friends that used to play, back into the game. It's on the 17th October, if you're interested. Once again, the site is here. Maybe a few of us from FRI could do it together, or anything - post your comments and thought here please!
    (Sorry in advance if I forget to check this thread )

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    Default Re: Extra Life

    yaya u can get extra life sweet

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