I saw this article in the news and found it very interesting. Usually you read some many terrible things in the news, so it was kind of refreshing to see something so positive like this! This boy was trying to come up with ways to raise money for a special "seizure dog" that would help alert the family if he went into a seizure. The dog alone would cost $13,000. To read the full article, check out the link below:

"To raise the money for a dog for Evan, who has a genetic disorder and epilepsy, the family discussed the usual options: a 5K run, a dinner with a band, a lemonade stand.
As almost an afterthought, they came up with the idea of self-publishing a short book Evan had written as part of his application for the dog. Initially, they modestly hoped maybe they could sell 150 at $10 apiece. But Evan has now sold 10 times that many copies of the 26-page “My Seizure Dog” and counting. As it turns out, none of the profits from book sales needs to go toward the cost of the dog, because donations alone have topped $26,000 — more than twice what the Alexandria, Va., boy Evan needed for his dog. The additional thousands of dollars, plus proceeds from the book, will make up the difference between what four other children’s families have raised and the cost of their service dogs."