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    Icon2 This Crazy Weird Dream

    OMG! I had this crazy weird dream last night. I just remembered it a moment ago, and felt the need to tell y'all.

    Ok , so I was in this city made up of silver. Then I walked inside this giant pink building. And I had to get all these purses and girly stuff, and then when I got them all, the room got these little stands that had pixels of rare FR stuff on them. I only remember a rocker hat, rocker pants, goth coat, a few colored cardigans, and some hightops. But then I saw I got to take them all. And I could do it 4 times a day. Ten I got transported to a different dream with this tiny store with weird pajamas...Yeah, Anyway.

    Quite odd , wasn't it?

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    Default Re: This Crazy Weird Dream

    Lols .. Nice dream, Claire. xD
    I wish that would really happen in FR. :/

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    Default Re: This Crazy Weird Dream

    Woah. That is weird. O_o
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    Default Re: This Crazy Weird Dream

    To be honest i gotta say:lay off the Freerealms for a while.....
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    Default Re: This Crazy Weird Dream

    Interesting Did you like, eat too much sugar before you went to sleep? lol.

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